• On our XXXX m2 warehouse space we take care of handling, repackaging and storage of goods to our customers.
  • We also offer rental of warehouse space, so-called warehousing or storage incl. logistics management.
  • We have two warehouses located in the Stockholm area – each with customized sizes according to customer requirements.

For our storage customers the following is included:

  • In-out inspection of products; inventory takes place every 6 months or 1 / year
  • Cycle counts: inventory of some specified products 1x / week
  • Pick / Pack: picking and packaging of products before delivery
  • Receiving and handling incl. packing and sorting
  • Inventory List online with login to view updated stock in our own system or we update the customer's own storage system.
  • Order online: place an order of your desired transport
  • Delivery Notification: we will notify you as soon as the shipment is completed
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