Quality & Environmental Policy

CE EKEN AB is a small independent company with a large network of contacts and personal service.


We offer cost-effective Logistics solutions within 3pl, distribution and warehousing. Through our access to special cars, agents and networks with pick-up seven days a week, around the clock, we offer express transport with same-day delivery throughout Sweden and in most locations in Scandinavia, Italy, Latvia and Iceland.

Based on our own resources and conditions, CE Eken AB will work for a higher quality and better environment. We must be responsive to customers' requirements and expectations as well as to changes in the world around us and at the same time, at every transport opportunity, strive to offer reliable and efficient services.

To achieve this, we work in the following ways:

  • We make sure that all staff are familiar with this policy and are involved in the quality and environmental work.
  • We involve and train the staff continuously in the quality and environmental work.
  • We keep up to date with current laws and regulations and ensure that legal requirements are complied with.
  • We follow up that our services are performed correctly, ie. that the goods are delivered to the correct address on time and at the promised price.
  • We place demands on suppliers and partners to work actively with quality and environmental issues so that quality is ensured and the negative environmental impact is continuously reduced.
  • We develop and market services with high quality and good environmental properties.
  • We offer flexibility, availability, time precision and fast solutions, we give customers and suppliers efficiency and correct answers.
  • Through efficient transport management, supplier requirements and environmental improvements in our own operations, we prevent environmental pollution.
  • We drive quality and environmental work through an integrated business management system that we constantly strive to improve. CE EKEN, through dialogue with the staff, ensures that all existing cars in its own fleet are serviced, inspected and drivable, we also have weekly inspections of tires and perform measurements of the emissions regularly.
  • Garbage is sorted at our logistics premises.